Hippo & Panda VR Glasses



“Are You Panda, Hippo, or Normal?!?”

Please note: This first look preview is based on marketing talk and press released pictures. The product that you receive once they are available might not represent exactly what you see here and we at the VR Shop are in any way responsible for this.

Features We Know So Far…

  • Choice of Hippo, Panda of Plain VR Design
  • Works With Smartphones 4.7″ ~ 6.1″
  • Independent Focus Adjustment
  • Independent Pupil Adjustment
  • Works With VR and AR Apps

Hippo & Panda VR Glasses

First Look Preview : To be honest, it is about time some more child-friendly looking VR headsets come to the market. With the success of the Viewmaster, we are surprised there hasn’t been a lot more. But this will do for now, the only problem we can see is that you will have a fundamental choice to make that might forever impact the rest of your VR life. So answer the question: Are You Panda, Hippo, or Normal?!?


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