Impression Pi

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Impression Pi

  1. Head rotation tracking
  2. Environmental scanning
  3. 6 degrees of freedom
  4. Foldable and compact
  5. 3D gesture control
  6. VR and AR overlay
  7. Position Tracking
  8. Fashionable design
  9. Truly mobile
  10. Wireless


“…the Impression Pi could be ahead of its game.”

With VR headsets, there is a tech see-saw that always needs to be equal in order from them to work well. On the one side of it, there are mobile, wireless devices that enable you to walk around and feel like you are part of the experience, but due to current technology limitations, it will never look very realistic. And on the other end, there is the power and tech to pull of a great looking experience, but it needs to be connected to something that can power it all meaning it can’t be mobile. The Impression Pi wants to be both, but it can’t because the tech isn’t available.

But it’s the ideas of today that makes the tech of tomorrow and that is where the Impression Pi could be ahead of its game. For now, it’s nothing more than a good idea that could well go on to become the world’s best virtual reality headset.


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