“…he highest quality optical system ever built into a smartphone VR headset!”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: IonVR

  1. Works With Super Amoled & IPS Displays
  2. Patent-Pending, MotionSync Technology
  3. Range Of Medical Applications
  4. Works With Most Smartphones
  5. 3 Point Hard Rubber Straps
  6. Accessible And Enjoyable
  7. Modular Upgrade system
  8. Eliminates VR Sickness
  9. Innovative Design
  10. Comfortable


The makers of IonVR’s mobile virtual reality headset claim that it is the highest quality optical system ever built into a smartphone VR headset! That is quite a claim indeed, but it has been in development for several years so they have certainly had the time to perfect it. In that time, they have also forged strategic business partnerships with Virtual Reality Company (VRC), the world’s leading producer of virtual-reality stories and experiences. We guess the theory is Ion Virtual Technology Corporation (IonVR) will effectively be taking care of the hardware and VRC the software. Sounds like a good partnership to us!

So they have the software and by the looks of it the hardware as well. It has a strong, almost industrial style look to it which is surprisingly refreshing. Will this headset really offer the smoothest and highest quality mobile VR experience that their marketing team say it will? Only time will tell.


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