“…a serious competitor for Gear VR


Top 10 Key Selling Points: JiDome-1

  1. Supports API of OPENGL ES3.0 or Higher
  2. Works With Screen Sizes 4.5″ to 6″
  3. Built-In Qualcomm Adreno 310 GPU
  4. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  5. Has Its Own Air-Cooling System
  6. Soft Air-Flow Face Padding
  7. Built-In Proximity Sensor
  8. Built-In 9-Axis Gyroscope
  9. 90° Field-Of-View
  10. Lightweight Design


The JiDome-1 from Fires VR has been called “…a serious competitor for Gear VR” but is that just marketing hype or does it have the ability to stand up against the likes of Samsungs unstoppable mobile VR headset? Much like the Gear VR this mobile VR headset has a load of tech hidden inside the headset even before the smartphone has been introduced. Adopting the ATW algorithm (similar to that of GearVR) means not all Android phones support it. Current stats show it will only work with 30% of all smartphone currently on the market.

But don’t let this small setback put you off it! It still has some good stats built-in even before your smartphone is inserted into it! Maybe it is this type of full and smartphone powered VR headsets that will keep the price down. This headset is due out soon and whenever we get our hands on one, we will let you know.



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