Le-Vision 3D VR (Mobile VR Headset)



“…would give Samsung a stress headache!”

AKA: “UCVR View” OR “UCVR Touch” OR “Visens VR”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Le-Vision 3D VR

  1. Open Sides For Ventilation / Cable Leads
  2. Works With Smartphones 4.7″ ~ 6″
  3. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  4. Total Blackout Face Padding
  5. Adjustable Lense Distance
  6. High-Quality Head Straps
  7. Amazing, Sleek Design
  8. Part Of The UCVR Kit
  9. Comfortable To Wear
  10. Ultra Lightweight

Le-Vision 3D VR

The Le-Vision 3D VR (or the UCVR View) is part of the UCVR Kit. This contains a full VR ecological chain of gadgets and apps that make up the UCVR kit. You have the UCVR Eye which is a consumer level 180° 3D Camera and Video recorder, the USVR Touch with is smooth looking touch interface and the UCVR App. Throw all those into the UCVR View and you have yourself a VR package that would give Samsung a stress headache!

This amazing package doesn’t come as an all in one, but rather separate gadgets that each work on their own or part of the USVR team. This is one headset we will be keeping a very close eye on and we will let you know some more information the moment we get it.

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