Lumus DK40 Smartglasses

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Lumus DK40 Smartglasses

  1. Super Large High-Resolution Display
  2. Optical Engine Providing a 25° FoV
  3. Supports Visual and Audio Content
  4. Wearable Display Development Kit
  5. Embedded 9DoF Motion Sensor
  6. Onboard OMAP Processor
  7. Optical Engine Module
  8. Built-In 5MP Camera
  9. Monocular System
  10. VGA Resolution


“Running much the same hardware as its F16 fighter jet HUD…”

Lumus is a military contractor that has decided to enter the smart glasses race by partnering up with Huawei to bring you the Lumus DK40 Smartglasses. Running much the same hardware as its F16 fighter jet HUD it makes use of an optical engine module consisting of a light-guide Optical Element (LOE) and a Micro-display Pod. The philosophy behind this technology is the same as the one in the HUD displays of the F-16 fighters, which means that the smart-glasses won’t cause any strain to the user’s eyes.

The DK-40 development kit has a 720p display up front, yet Huawei has seemingly put its faith into a 640 x 480-pixel one. The Huawei smart glasses will also sport a 5MP camera on the temple and will run Android 4.4.4 KitKat. The monocular system consists of a small form-factor VGA resolution optical engine providing a 25° FoV, onboard OMAP processor and an embedded 9DoF motion sensor.


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