Lumus DK50 Smartglasses

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Lumus DK50 Smartglasses

  1. Markerless AR Tracking System
  2. Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor
  3. Android Operating System
  4. Stereo Cameras In Front
  5. Binocular 720p Vision
  6. 40 degree FOV
  7. Accelerometer
  8. Sleek Design
  9. Magnetometer
  10. Gyroscope


“…breaks new ground in AR in both design and technology.”

Lumus say there DK50 Smartglasses will do the same for AR what Oculus did for VR! It does have to be said that the Lumus DK50 breaks new ground in AR in both design and technology. With very impressive projections and wide FOV it is running stats that put it right up with Microsoft HoloLens! While 40° FOV doesn’t sound like a lot, in the world of VR this is like what the StarVR does for VR! But it is all just marketing hype besides the wide FOV?

If you look back at both the DK32 and the DK 40 you will know that Lumus is very skilled in this form of tech. But whether it is what the buying public will want is another matter. Much like the Oculus Rift there will be a lot of people waiting for the price before falling in love with it. We will bring you more news on this headset when we get it.


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