Top 10 Key Selling Points: Mindmaze

  1. Motion Tracking Sensors and Cameras
  2. High-Resolution Gesture Recognition
  3. Delivers a Realistic Experience
  4. Hand, Eye & Finger Tracking
  5. Controller Free Gameplay
  6. 6 Degrees of Freedom
  7. Full Head Tracking
  8. Ultra-Low Latency
  9. Neural Sensors
  10. 120 FPS


“…uses cutting edge brain reading technology…”

Not all virtual reality headsets are about fun and games, some have very serious industrial and medical uses. The MindMaze headset is a sort of “mind reading” HMD that uses cutting edge brain reading technology to detect brain patterns. Using a combo of both VR and AR the headset it hopes the tech will be able to help stroke victims which can be no bad thing at all.

Tech wise this is a very high-end system that is more than capable of delivering a very realistic experience. With motion tracking sensors and cameras capturing just about all movement of the body, it will hopefully reveal some amazing data for the victims of the often life-changing condition.

But it doesn’t stop there because this company wants to one day bring the tech and software to the consumer market! There have been hundreds of cases of tech that was used for medical purposes now being used around the home, so this might just be the next big thing for us VR gamers as well. But let’s hope it helps people recover their lives first and foremost. For that single reason alone we wish them all the best of luck.


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