MoreFit VIVID.Cool VR (Mobile VR Headset)



“…it is only a matter of time before a load of mobile VR fitness apps get published.”

AKA: “MoreFit VR”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: MoreFit VIVID.Cool VR

  1. Works With People Suffering Myopia Within 600°
  2. Compatible With Smartphones 3.5″ ~ 6″
  3. Works With Most Google Cardboard Apps
  4. Independent Focus Distance Adjustment
  5. 9 Layered Optical Coating Lens
  6. Adjustable T-Shaped Headband
  7. Massive Range Of Colours
  8. Open Ventilated Sides
  9. IPD Adjustment
  10. Lightweight

MoreFit VIVI.Cool VR

Over in the Untied States MoreFit is a registered brand name aiming to offer user-friendly sports, outdoor and health products. We’re pretty sure the jury is still out and a long time from coming back with a verdict as to whether VR can make you fit. But that hasn’t stopped MoreFit from banging out its own range of mobile VR headsets. Oddly it doesn’t come with any fitness apps or possible applications for health and fitness in any way. But I suppose it is only a matter of time before a load of mobile VR fitness apps get published.

Getting into the headset we soon discover that it is not a bad headset at all! With ultra clear 9 layered optical coating lens, adjustable lenses distance, focus distance and a good range of colours to suit everyone’s needs. Sure, this isn’t the get-fit health machine the company brand would like you to believe it is, but as far as mobile VR headsets go, this is a pretty good one.

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