Nautilus Virtual Reality



“…designed to be a cheap and affordable lens testing machine.”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: Nautilus Virtual Reality

  1. Arrcuritly shows How Varifocal Lens Work
  2. Allows People To Get Used to New Lenses
  3. Independent Adjustable Pupil Distance
  4. Works With Google Cardboard Apps
  5. Shows How Transition Lenses Work
  6. Could Be Used in the 3rd World
  7. Virtual Reality Eye Test
  8. Portable and Affordable
  9. Easy Grip Design
  10. Lightweight

Nautilus Virtual Reality

Very much in the same style as an EyeNetra Netra-G, the Nautilus Virtual Reality is mostly designed for professional opticians and while it is a VR viewer is supposed to be used as a tool that allows the optician to walk his client through different viewing solutions using a VR world display Using various smartphones it is designed to be a cheap and affordable lens testing machine.

We find it really interesting, all the different ways mobile VR and full VR headsets are being used in other areas like this. Could a VR headset one-day be mainstream medical equipment? We have already seen a Google Cardboard headset used in surgery so it seems it is only a matter of time. We will bring you more news of this mobile VR headset if we get any.



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