Omimo Virtual Reality (Uranus One)

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Omimo Virtual Reality

  1. Support For Users With Myopia Lower Than 600°
  2. Octa-Core Cortex-A7CPU@up to 2.0GHz Chipset
  3. PowerVR SGX544GPU @ up to 700MHz
  4. Built-In Control Buttons
  5. Polymer Lithium Battery
  6. 124° Field Of View
  7. AP6210 SDIO Wifi
  8. Optical Resin Lens
  9. 16G/32 Byte Flash
  10. 2GB SDRAM


“…the most fashionable and affordable all-in-one VR headset on the market”

The Omimo Virtual Reality is the most fashionable and affordable all-in-one VR headset on the market according to its makers. But just how good can a full VR headset be that does indeed cost not much more than some mobile VR headsets?!?

To be fair there are some good stats with this headset. A 124° FOV, Octa-Core Cortex-A7CPU@up to 2.0GHz Chipset and a full 1080p screen! Add to all that you can also plug it into a PC or gaming console! But that is part of the Omimo Uranus One’s problem. It tires to be everything to everyone, but is not master of any of them. Sure it will be a bit of fun to play with, but in the long-term it is nothing more than a fancy pair of video glasses with some VR options.


  1. pete

    I bought one of these and for the money it is excellent. it does far more than the phone type glasses, my only complaint is when using a hdmi lead it tends to pull out of the glasses other than that it is worth every penny and great fun

    • Sergio Poletti

      On my PC I modified an old game (Grand Prix 4) to produce a SBS vision Full HD 1920×1080 60 fps of a F1 race on the PC screen. I’m interested to buy this product to connect it to my PC using HDMI cable and send directly from the HDMI PC output to the visor screen without any modification. Did you tried to display PC screen on the visor directly using HDMI conncection ? Which fps you obtained, which image quality ?

      Thanks and best regards.

      • pete

        I connected it directly to my pc via hdmi lead you see the pc screen I have tried many games movies 3d etc you name it and it does what is sez on the tin!! worth every penny if you display 1080 on pc you see 1080 in glasses hope this helps

  2. Kerri Powles

    I’ve be drooling over these for weeks but need to know if these are any good for peple who have to wear reading glasses for reading as I do. I’m worried that I may get them and find I can’t see them properly. Any one else out there wear reading glasses and use these with no problems? or maybe you find you don’t need to wear your glasses with these in which case I would love to know your experiences.

    • VR Staff

      We will be reviewing one in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out. We will of course do the glasses test.

  3. Sohrab

    I have to ask a questio , when you have hd image on pc , each eye have an hd image sense , what about amimo ? Does the hd resolution means per eye? I mean , does it have separate hd display for each eye? Or as oculus rift , it is devided by 2?

    • VR Staff

      Often when people talk about display stats they are on about the who screen which is then divided in half. Or they could use the term PPE (Pixels Per Eye). So often a 1080 HD screen is not good at all when divided in half. You need a good 2K screen for it to be HD per eye, or maybe 2 screens, but most headsets don’t have this.

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