OWL Stereoscopic Viewer (VR Viewer)



“…this is old school meets new school…”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: OWL Stereoscopic Viewer

  1. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  2. Creates a Dark Viewing Chamber
  3. Works With 5-7″ Wide Screens
  4. Designed by Dr Brian May
  5. Foldable And Mailable
  6. 15.5cm Aperture
  7. Made in England
  8. Lightweight
  9. Affordable
  10. 7mm lenses

OWL Stereoscopic Viewer

Supported, designed and promoted by none other than Dr. Brian May (lead guitarist of the rock band Queen) the OWL Stereoscopic Viewer certainly has a good promotional engine behind it. But this is old school meets new school as it is supposed to be used with Stereoscopic images only. But these days we call it a mobile VR viewer and it is capable of so much more.

It’s patented design is unique, high quality and well made and assembles in just 15 seconds into a rigid mobile VR viewer. It comes packaged with complete instructions in a beautifully designed card wallet, and we can’t wait to get our hand on it. And yes! We will probably listen to queen songs as we review it.

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  1. Phil Hansen

    I’m running the PR for Brian May and his OWL Virtual Reality Kit – would love to send you the press release and images of the product and our recent media launch event. Can you let me have an email address I can send them to please?
    kind regards

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