Razer OSVR

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Razer OSVR

  1. Dev Kit Works With Windows, Android And Linux
  2. Adjustable Elastic Straps On The Sides And Top
  3. Integrated Accelerometer And Gyroscope
  4. Supported By Gaming Industry Leaders
  5. Open Source Games Development
  6. External USB 3.0 Connection
  7. 5.5-inch HD Oled Display
  8. Leap Motion Tracking
  9. 60 FPS And 401PPI
  10. Can Be 3D Printed


“…the future VR games could rely on the work done with this headset.”

Almost every other virtual reality headset the program is locked to work within one or a few companies, and that is where the Razer OSVR comes into it. This is not a VR headset for Razer alone, it is a fully open-source system built from the ground up to bring the best Virtual Reality gaming experience to the gaming world. A VR headset built and designed by the people for the people.

While it might not seem like a very big contender it could well be a force to be reckoned with because if past open-source systems are anything to go by this could well be what we are all playing in just a few years. Their focus on providing VR game engine plugins for everyone means the future VR games could rely on the work done with this headset.


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