Refugio 3D



“…ahead of its time!”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Refugio 3D

  1. Works with almost all smartphones
  2. Cheapest VR headset in the world
  3. Hundreds of Google Play VR apps
  4. Perfect for watching 3D videos
  5. Lots of people making apps
  6. Great for a marketing tool
  7. Environmentally friendly
  8. A pretty good experience
  9. Side straps for support
  10. Easily repairable

Refugio 3D

If you want a cardboard VR headset that was made BEFORE the Google Cardboard come along the Refugio 3D is the HMD for you. Sadly it was simply ahead of its time! It was on IndieGoGo in 2013 and people were not ready for it which means it didn’t get the funding they were looking for.

Maybe if it was released again now it would be a different story because it is only these last few years that we have started to appreciate what a smartphone mountable HMD can do. There are still some around which might make them a rare and collectable item in the not so distant future.

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