RideOn GoGlasses

Top 10 Key Selling Points: RideOn GoGlasses

  1. 3x Larger Display Than Google Glass
  2. 24° Optinvent Technology
  3. 2200mAh Capacity Battery
  4. Functions Up To -40°
  5. Super Bright Graphics
  6. Dual Core 1.2 Ghz ARM
  7. Runs Android 4.4.1
  8. HD Video Recording
  9. High Transparency
  10. Lightweight


“…this is Google Glass for Ski Nerds!”

Just imagine it’s the wintertime and the holidays are fast approaching. Some of us might stay at home, but millions of people turn to the ski slopes and hit the fresh powder on the black runs. It is these people that go on ski holidays that GoGlasses is aiming for with its ski mask that overlays augmented reality information during ski sessions and downhill runs. The concept sounds amazing, you can take videos, pictures, live stream, play, send messages as well as getting guidance on all the popular ski tracks. Yes, this is Google Glass for Ski Nerds!

Working with Optinvent this French designed startup hopes it will help both ski instructors and sports professionals. Using a mix of both virtual reality and augmented reality this tasty looking bit of wearable tech did achieve its funding goals, so expect to see them in the ski shops in the very near future.


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