Sony Project Morpheus

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Sony Project Morpheus

  1. The lightest VR headset in the world
  2. Can be played standing or sitting
  3. 360 degree head tracking
  4. Uses the power of a PS4
  5. Gamer-friendly design
  6. Super smooth visuals
  7. Renderers at 120fps
  8. 5 inch OLED display
  9. 120hz refresh rate
  10. Super low latency


“The Morpheus could be the answer to every gamer’s dream…”

The Morpheus could be the answer to every gamer’s dream, and bridge the gap between the Vive and the Oculus Rift. With amazing add-ons already made fro previous Play Station games like the Playstation move controllers, Sharp Shooter gun and even a bike with sensors they can all work with the Morpheus and that is the true power of this system, the pedigree behind it.

The original prototype for Project Morpheus virtual reality was going to be attached to the PlayStation 4, but with each passing development stage it is looking more and more likely it will be a stand-alone system. Either way, this is one VR headset to keep an eye on!


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