Top 10 Key Selling Points: StarVR

  1. First single display stereoscopic HMD
  2. Orientation and position tracking
  3. Runs on a PC, PS4, Xbox1
  4. Dual 5.25 inch displays
  5. 5120 X 1440 resolution
  6. Walking Dead Licence
  7. Quad HD panel split
  8. Fresnel Lenses
  9. 210-degree FOV
  10. Great games


“Designed to be an AAA experience for gamers…”

The StarVr from Starbreeze Studios is said to have the widest field of view on any VR headset ever made, and at 210 degrees it certainly lives up to that claim. Designed to be an AAA experience for gamers, but with Sony also jumping onto the VR headset wagon Starbreeze have their work cut out for them.

With the unique FOV, it might just be the headset of choice when it comes to gamers, but that is all down to how good the games are that run on it. The software engine they have called Valhalla has some really amazing capabilities and potential, along with ultra HD could mean the difference between experience a video game and living it. The panoramic views (Code name Infiniteye) offered could well be compelling, unnerving and incredibly immersive.


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