Totem VR Headset

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Totem VR Headset

  1. 1440p Low Persistence OLED (up To 75 Hz)
  2. 3.5 Mm Jacks For Your Own Headphones
  3. Pre-lens Distortion And Sensor Fusion
  4. Onboard Cameras With 105° FOV
  5. Motion And Positional Tracking
  6. 105 Degrees Field Of View
  7. Lenses Can Be Adjusted
  8. Hardware Acceleration
  9. Oversized Lenses
  10. Surround Sound


“…you are dealing with a very serious VR system.”

When you have one of the world’s leading VR experts say this about the totem virtual reality headset “the clarity was impressive, rivalling some of the best experiences I’ve had with a rift or Morpheus. ” you know you are dealing with a very serious VR system. Many experts believe that this system could be a real rival to the oculus rift as it is such a high-quality headset

But can this premium VR headset really be that good? The Vrvana Totem does have the financial backing as well as the stats, but up against the development might of Oculus and Sony, it might fall along the wayside which is a real shame. So let’s hope this high-end gamer rig gets the funding and backing it needs.


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