View Master VR 2.0



“…the View-Master trademark is going to have a very long and successful life ahead.”

AKA: “View-Master VR 2” OR “View Master VR V2”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: View Master VR 2.0

  1. Headphones Jack Wire Inside Device
  2. Supports to Lock Phone in Place
  3. Traditional View-Master Style
  4. Rubber Padding on Phone Locks
  5. Supports Most Smartphones
  6. High Quality Face Padding
  7. Supports Both AR and VR
  8. Comfortable to wear
  9. High Quality Lenses
  10. Well Designed

View Master VR 2.0

When the original View-Master was released way back in 1939 no-one was particularly interested, but it went on to become a massive hit, then last year (2015) the View-Master VR was released to much the same effect and still when on to be one of the biggest selling mobile VR headset ever, and now, here we are in 2016 and people are getting all whipped up and excited about the View-Master VR 2.0! It seems the View-Master trademark is going to have a very long and successful life ahead.

So what can we expect from the VR of this much loved mobile VR headset? Mattel seem to be coming out fighting this time and are already calling it “The Best Google Cardboard You Can Buy!” but is that just marketing talk? The first big difference is that it can now handle much larger smartphones meaning a wider range of phones that can be used inside it. A new and improved headphone jack adapter and some adjustable lens features as well as a better-designed panel latch because the old one had a tendency to fall open. While not vastly different it is tighter, leaner and even better at delivering an amazing VR experience. We will drop a full hands-on review when we get one.

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