“…a much better headset than it’s younger versions.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: VIGICA RITECH III

  1. Support Suckers Hold Smartphone In Place
  2. Works With All Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Adjustable, Elasticated Head Straps
  4. Works With Smartphones 3.5 – 6.0″
  5. First Capacitive Touch Switch
  6. Top Weight Hanging Headset
  7. Open Peripheral Interface
  8. Adjustable Optical Axis
  9. Optimised Ergonomics
  10. Comfortable To Wear


You are probably wondering what happened to our review of the other 2 previous version of the VIGICA RITECH! In fact, we have reviewed them, just under different names. The first version was called the Favolcano Illusion Mask and the 2nd was essentially the same headset, only with an added NFC magnet switch. Now we understand a little more about the VIGICA RITECH III’s history lets get on with reviewing it.

To start with the headset lenses are of a much higher quality making it look even better and the lens optical axis adjustment range has become even better which is good news for people with Myopia up to 900! Even the headset itself is more comfortable than before thanks to the weight dispersal head strap and the firm foam padding around the face guard. While these aren’t massive changes, they do all make this a much better headset than it’s younger versions. A great headset that is very affordable indeed.

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  1. madni gohar

    What is FOV of Ritech III?

    • Russell Deasley

      Nothing above average, 68 Degrees, but it looks great.

    • Russell Deasley

      About 100°. Nothing special, but pretty good.

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