Virtual Reality GT

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Virtual Reality GT

  1. Multiple Demos and High Compatibility
  2. Comfortable And Easily Replaceable
  3. An Immersive Sense Of Being There
  4. HD, 720-Degree Free-Viewpoint
  5. High-Quality Nanometer Lining
  6. High-Performance Price Ratio
  7. 100% All-In-View
  8. 1920 X1080 Display
  9. Easy Installation
  10. Sleek Design


“…an all in one HMD that seems to run most Google Cardboard Apps.”

While most people are looking to the USA for the future of VR, Turkey is trying to side-swipe them by making their own. And to be fair it’s not a bad attempt! Called “Virtual Reality GT” (short for “Virtual Reality Goggles Turkey” it is an all in one HMD that seems to run most Google Cardboard Apps. Stats wise it has 1920 X 1080 screen resolution and a 100-degree FOV.

Design wise it sure looks the part. Sleek, black plastic with their company designed blue flames on the sides. This company are really putting the effort in and testing it until the bones fall of the testers. At the end of the day Oculus does not have brand loyalty because they haven’t released anything! So maybe, just maybe this headset to take all the glory away from them.


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