VirtualVizor (VR Viewer)



“…mobile VR meets wearable tech.”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: VirtualVizor

  1. Adjustable Lenses and Focus Distance
  2. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Works With Most Smartphones
  4. Quick and Easy to Construct
  5. No Neck or Head Strain
  6. No Head Straps Needed
  7. Award Winning Design
  8. Folds Down Flat
  9. Lightweight
  10. Wearable


Let’s get something clear in everyone’s minds before we start this. Wearing a VR headset makes you look a little silly! At this point, we walk in wearing the VirtualVizor and suddenly it is not such a crazy idea. This headset is what you get when mobile VR meets wearable tech. As per usual, the VirtualVizor turns any smartphone with an HD display into a virtual reality headset.

One little annoying thing is you don’t get a baseball cap with it! Just the attachable headset to use with one. We’re sure, later on, there will be package deals but for now, that is how it comes. This headset also has some good features like adjustable lenses and focus distance, but its main features is the wearable aspect. You’re going to look like a fool wearing a VR headset anyway, so do it in public and teach people about the joys of mobile VR!


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