VR Gelas



“…the VR Gelas is probably the best looking mobile VR headset money can buy.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: VR Gelas

  1. Works With Smartphones 4.7 – 5 Inches
  2. High Quality 48R PMMA Optical Lens
  3. Made From High-Quality Materials
  4. Breathable Leather Face Padding
  5. Memory Sponge Cushioning
  6. Mirror Style Display
  7. Well Ventilated
  8. Adjustable IPD
  9. Looks Amazing
  10. 120° FOV

VR Gelas

Let’s get this out of the way so we can move onto what it can really do. Yes, the VR Gelas is probably the best looking mobile VR headset money can buy. In fact, it looks even better than the Samsung Gear VR! There is not getting away from it’s looks, it’s like sticking the KITT car from Knight Rider on your face (ask your parents if you don’t know what that is). But looks aside is not going to win anyone over, so let’s find out what it does under the bonnet.

Sadly this headset only works with smartphones from 4.7 – 5 inches in size which is a very short range to choose from. Then as soon as you have found a smartphone that fits in it, you will instantly notice something else wrong. When it comes to the head tracking and display movement of a VR headset the phone does all the tracking so when it is laid flat down onto the mirror panel of the headset all the tracking goes to pot! So what is the point in owning it? Well, for watching videos on it, this headset is the best you will ever get. With full 120 FOV and crystal clear display watching a movie looks and feels amazing on it, and it is comfortable enough to watch a whole movie without taking it off.

So does that make it essentially a pair of mobile powered video glasses?!? Kind of, but who knows, a tracking adjustment app might be just around the corner. But until then only get this headset if you only plan to watch movies. It seems beauty really is only skin-deep.

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