VueXL’s VX1



“…VueXL’s VX1 is the answer to your prayers”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: VueXL’s VX1

  1. Works with a Bluetooth controller
  2. Easily adjustable head straps
  3. Optimised for mobile headsets
  4. Works with 99% of mobile games
  5. Not a dedicated VR headset
  6. Optical quality lenses
  7. Like watching a 60″ TV
  8. Soft face cushion
  9. Truly affordable
  10. Watch 3D videos

VueXL’s VX1

If you like playing mobile games or streaming a video on your smartphone, but feel the small screen limits your enjoyment of it all VueXL’s VX1 is the answer to your prayers. Strangely this device does just about everything every other phone mounted virtual reality device does, but you will never hear VueXL calling it a VR or AR HMD. This headset is designed to work with just about every app that doesn’t need a touch interface. From Netflicks to the thousands of app games out there.

It easily allows you to connect both headsets and a controller if you want to play games like that and it will also run quite a lot of Google Cardboard apps, but this is essentially a device that makes your phone’s screen look bigger and not as a VR device. Imagine playing mobile games on a 60″ TV and you have what the VX1 can do for you.

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