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Radiographers and Now Being Trained in Virtual Reality!

Radiographers and Now Being Trained in Virtual Reality!

As you might know (or at the very least suspect) being a diagnostic radiographer means you are using some of the worlds most cutting-edge medical technology that requires a lot of training. That is why Bangor University (right here in Wales where I live) has been using VR to train its radiography staff and students. What might surprise you more is that the only way to train them before this is with an X-ray suite training machine which costs about £250,000! So VR is not just making it more affordable, but also much more accessible. Matthew Richards for BBC News reports –

My Thoughts: This is not the first time we are seeing VR used for medical training purposes, nor will it be the last. I say again and have always said that the future of VR might not lay in games and entertainment, but in training and immersion experiences. But what I do like about this story is that it means poorer countries will be able to experience this same level of training without the need for that expensive X-ray suite, which can only be a good thing.

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