Will the Oculus Go Have a Restart Switch?

Most smartphones have them and many other “smart” gadgets also have them. A restart switch (often a small hole that you need a pin to activate) is a switch that is essential, especially when the gadget has a battery that can’t be removed. But does the Oculus Go have one?

Small Restart Hole on Tablet
Small Restart Hole on Tablet

Having played with the Gear VR for years it was inevitable that some games do indeed crash and will sometimes cause your Samsung smartphone to do the same. How do you get around this? You simply remove your smartphone, hold the power button down and restart it. But if that doesn’t work I can always rely on the small restart hole to get my phone out of trouble. But with the Oculus Go I can’t simply remove my phone because it’s an all in one unit!

The problem is, I have looked at hundreds of images and hours of video of the Oculus Go headset and I can’t see a restart hole/button anywhere! So how would you restart it if things go wrong? The good news is holding down the power button for a few seconds should restart your headset. Also being Android powered you should also be able to hold down the power button and the Volume down button at the same time to access a Recovery mode where you can also restart your data.

With many other cheap all-in-one VR headsets, a bad crash can leave the device pretty much inoperable, but with the Go follow this simple method should deal with most issues and there will be plenty of software support just in case things go horribly wrong. With regards to issues/problems with both my Rift and DK2 I found Oculus help chat to be quite helpful and pretty responsive so they will always be around to help.

Of course, when it is out I will do a full tutorial on how to do this. Are you looking forward to the release of the Oculus Go as much as I am? Do let me know in the comments below!


EDIT: Sadly in all the footage I watched and have seen so far I didn’t see a hole for the restart switch so presumed it didn’t have one. But someone has pointed out a YouTube video from Cnet and after watching it a few times I did indeed find a hole…

Oculus Go Restart Switch
Oculus Go Restart Switch


While this could indeed be a restart hole I think it the microphone hole. But whatever it is I want to say a big Thank you for the Reddit Oculus Go community for pointing it out to me.



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