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Rhythm 'n Bullets (Steam VR)

Rhythm ‘n Bullets (Steam VR)

Rhythm 'n Bullets (Steam VR)

System: Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Windows MR
Price at Time Of Review: £7.19
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up
Input: Tracked Motion Controllers
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG
VR Shop Score 1/100: 20

Description: Travel across the virtual zone and defend the core by guiding a pair of starfighters through the shoot ’em up action of Rhythm ‘n Bullets. Enemies fly in from all sides, diving towards the core in time with the soundtrack. Time your shots to the beat for maximum effect, and grab awesome power-ups to clear the stage. Keep the core safe from danger in the multi-level campaign, and then try to top the leaderboards in endless mode, where the enemies never stop!

Review: The idea of ‘Rhythm ‘n Bullets’ is that it is a classic ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ mixed with a Music/Rhythm game. Sadly that mix of genres is a massive fail as the action doesn’t fit with the beat of the music, making it just a normal Shoot ‘Em Up only with music playing in the background! And it’s not like it is a good Shoot ‘Em Up! In fact, it’s pretty crappy and I am not just talking about the graphics. If this was free it might have been worth downloading for the shooter action, but when it costs £7.19 this is best off left on the shelf. Praise has to be given for the attempt to try something new, but it simply didn’t work.

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