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How to Develop Robust Mobile Solution and Eliminate Possible Risks

How to Develop Robust Mobile Solution and Eliminate Possible Risks

In today’s digital landscape, it is hard to overrate the potential of mobile development for business: you can seamlessly add necessary features to the system and get flawless and interactive UI, which definitely attracts potential clients. However, the competition in this segment is relatively high, so building up a solution standing out from similar digital products is a must.

How to avoid potential mistakes along your project way? What are the primary advantages of mobile solutions, and how to take full advantage of them? In this post, we will share insights from the PNN Tech team acquired during 20 years of development experience. So let us dwell on the topic of mobile solutions’ topic together.

What makes Android/iOS apps beneficial for businesses?

  1. Higher brand recognition. A business app, naturally, draws the attention of a wider audience of users.
  2. Increasing customer engagement. With the help of cutting-edge AI, AR/VR and Machine learning, designers can transform UI to be more responsive and interactive.
  3. Enhancing brand loyalty. Within a mobile app, it is easier to make the interface more customisable for certain groups of users.
  4. Leveraging marketing channels. Around 50% of users tend to purchase goods through mobile apps. Therefore, mobile apps can additionally serve as efficient promotional channels or digital showcases.

Reasons why apps fail and how to prevent possible risks

Statistics claim that around 70% of mobile solutions fail due to high competition rates. Therefore, it is critical to catch the most widespread mistakes and learn from them.

Mistake 1. A lack of originality.

By borrowing your app’s idea from existing solutions, you won’t seemingly obtain high revenue.

Solution. Providing UVP — a unique value proposition.

In other words, a coherent and precise explanation of why your app is helpful for certain users segment.

Mistake 2. Outdated User Experience

Each and everything matters when it comes to interface: complicated navigation or unpleasant fonts may distract users from the platform’s functions.

Solution. Emphasising the importance of a convenient and interactive user experience.

Experienced designers have to work in tandem with developers to ensure every UI detail reflects the system’s functional capabilities.

Mistake 3. A lack of monetisation strategy

If your solution is free to install and download, you need to consider alternative ways to earn money from it.

Solution. Thinking over robust monetisation strategy.

One of your primary objectives is to develop a viable monetisation strategy for your target audience. Or, maybe, create multiple strategical options for clients with different budgets.

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