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Room Scale VR Just Become City Scale VR Thanks to Eye Tracking

Room Scale VR Just Become City Scale VR Thanks to Eye Tracking

VR News: Researchers at Adobe have created a virtual reality world that is infinite in size and can be walked about in withing a room-scale VR setup! With no treadmill needed and you will never bump into any wall! How have they done this? They have done it with eye tracking and while the tech behind it isn’t anything new, the method of unconscious movement is.

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My Thoughts on this Story: While I would like to reserve judgment on how good it is till I have tried it out myself this system of eye-tracking tech and the redirection method sounds amazing. To put it simply it moves the image to where you are walking to suit your play area. So while you think you are walking in a straight line the redirection method is actually making you walk in circles. As long as it is hardly noticeable this could be a real bonus for VR arcades and even us home VR users. While it only works with slow-paced walking, with faster calculations and image render times you could soon be running around a virtual park when in reality you are jogging around in circles in your living room.

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