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Is the Samsung Galaxy VR Coming Sooner Rather Than Later?

Is the Samsung Galaxy VR Coming Sooner Rather Than Later?

VR News: Samsung has recently launched the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & even the Samsung Gear Smartwatch got a look in, but the Gear VR? Not a peep! Its not even for certain that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be Gear VR compatible! But does its silence mean there is a new VR headset on the way, designed and maybe by Samsung themselves?

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My Thoughts on this Story: While I would love to believe there is a new “Samsung Galaxy VR” headset on its way, I sadly think Samsung has all but given up on VR. With the failure of the Mixed Reality Headset (the HMD Odyssey) Samsung will most probably be feeling a little nervous about any future VR investment. Having said that, the success or failure of the Oculus Go might well bring Samsung back into the VR game! The future of mobile VR might be dead thanks to the highly affordable Oculus Go, but for some people, it is still the only way they will get to experience VR so I can’t see it dying quickly, but sadly mobile powered VR will indeed eventually fade away into gadget obscurity.

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