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Small Shop (Steam VR)

Small Shop (Steam VR)

£7.19 ($9.99)
System:Oculus Rift Only
Comfort Rating:Green (No Movement)
Genre:Virtual Job
Input:Tracked Motion Controllers
Playing Positions:Sitting, Standing, Room-Scale
Age Rating:PG

Description: Welcome to the Small Shop! This is a small shop simulation game that allows you to run the business of your dream small shop! Work hard to make your customers happy to unlock more items and listing spaces! What you can currently do in the game: Grab Items from the shelves base on the customer needs. Give changes to the customers when needed. Change the price to get more or less profit, and feel the change of customer demands as the price changes. Unlock shelves in the store to list more goods. Unlock more goods to get your store more profitable.

Review: ‘Small Shop’ is a virtual job-style game in which you (unsurprisingly) run a small shop! It idea of the game is simple, people walk into the shop to buy things, you give them it and then give them the correct change in the form of virtual money. To be fair to the game I thought this was a nice touch as little ones will learn basic money and math skills from playing it. But I won’t be suggesting this game to anyone, let alone kids.

The first main issue is that you need the play space of a small shop as well as there is no locomotion here, so you have to reach around and grab things, so unless you have a 2X2m play space, you simply can’t play the game. The next is that it is simply not fun. You work a “day” which lasts about 3 minutes and that is kind of it. The customers are ghosts, the shop is empty and bland even when you have unlocked everything and it is simply not enjoyable. If this was free I might have just about give it the thumbs up, but given the £7.19 price tag it gets an easy thumbs down from me.

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