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Spacefolk City (Oculus Quest)

Spacefolk City (Oculus Quest)

VR Shop – Gold Award

Price at Time Of Review: £18.99
Comfort Rating: Green (No Movement)
Genre: Art and Creation
Supported Controllers: Oculus Touch
Best Playing Position: Standing, Sitting, Roomscale
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG


Description: The Spacefolk are in trouble! Their sun is going supernova, and they need your help to build up their city and find a way to escape the impending solar disaster! Spacefolk City is a funky, casual take on the city-building genre. Construct a floating city in space, decorate it with a variety of absurd items, and keep your Spacefolk citizens happy.

Review: While I can understand that ‘Spacefolk City’ is not going to be for everyone it was most certainly right up my alley. This is a city-building game set in a beautiful, colourful world. But it is not just nice looking it is simple and fun to play and it is full of personality especially from the little characters who live there. This is one of those games that grows on you like a barnacle. Sure, it’s fun at the start, but you soon find yourself taking your city building quite serious as you learn what all the different things do. This is the most fun I have had in VR for a while and it gets an easy recommendation from me.

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