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Speedball Arena (Steam VR)

Speedball Arena (Steam VR)

Speedball Arena (Steam VR)

System: Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Windows MR
Price at Time Of Review: £7.19
Comfort Rating: Red
Genre: Sports
Input: Tracked Motion Controllers, Keyboard & Mouse
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: Yes
Age Rating: 15+
VR Shop Score 1/100: 70

Description: Welcome to the Speedball Arena, where you can be the heroic athlete of the futuristic sports on a lightspeed hoverbike. Get on the hoverbike to manoeuvre with the left hand and use the hook gun with your right hand to carry the ball to the opponent’s goal to score. Speedball Arena was inspired by the American ball game, Speedball which is a popular college sport. It brings the fun sports game to the imaginary world of VR with a twist of futuristic touch riding a hoverbike and grabbing a powerful hook gun to accelerate the gameplay with more excitement.

Review: If you have ever wondered what playing Rocket League in VR might feel like you should probably have a go at playing ‘Speedball Arena’. While you can play this on your own, this is mostly a 2 V 2 online players game (provided you have friends to play against as there are no other players) in which you get a grappling gun to get the ball and a range of powerups to fire that said ball out of your hand cannon. The idea is pretty simple, get the ball into the goal to score! But of course, it is not that simple, but at least you have some nice visuals to keep you going.

I feel two things will put people off downloading this. The first is terrible nausea which easily shows that this game was not built for VR and the 2nd is the high price tag. Given the lack of leagues, cups and other things to play asking £7.19 for this game is crazy, but I would pay a few quid for it. Just be aware of the high levels of nausea and make sure you have your VR legs before giving it a go.

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