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Swords of Gargantua (Oculus Quest)

Swords of Gargantua (Oculus Quest)

VR Shop Score – Gold Award

Price at Time Of Review: £14.99
Comfort Rating: Yellow
Genre: Action
Size: 1.31 GB
Best Playing Position: Standing
Multi-Player: Yes, Up to 4 Players
Age Rating: PG


Description: SWORDS of GARGANTUA is a cross-platform VR online action game. Fight solo or join up to 3 others in online co-op against a hoard of enemies and their master, the towering titan named GARGANTUA. We’ve taken great care to ensure that each battle feels great through heavy refinement of our battle system and accurate haptic feedback.

Review: While the co=op side of Swords of Gargantua is well worth playing the single payer mode really lets itself down. This is a sword fighting game that will see most people swinging the sword around like they were on a battlefield in real life. While graphically it is nothing to write home about it does at least feel like you are getting your money’s worth. The best advice I can give you is if you don’t want to play the online multiplayer aspect of this app its not worth downloading just for the single-player mode.

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