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TeraGlass (2016)


Description: TeraGlass is a pair of smart glasses that is also fully customizable HMD. According to the marketing pitch its a wearable and hands-free computer for those who like to study or enjoy video alone. Made by Teracle they are an education company that wants to give people everywhere the ability to educate themselves in whatever they see fit. With TeraGlass, users can enjoy all sorts of educational content anywhere and anytime.

Easily connectable via an HDMI cable, it’s 3D viewing capabilities and high-quality display offers effective delivery of classroom material. While it might be a little out of price range for many schools or developing countries they are trying to get the price down to a bare minimum. Currently seeking funding over on Kickstarter we suggest you head on over there if it sounds like the sort of technology you would love to see in schools all over the world or even try yourself.

TeraGlass Specs…


Headset: TeraGlass
Manufacturer: Teracle Inc
Launch Price: $400 (£295)
Release Date: Febuary 2016
Headset Type: AR Smartglasses
Display: Micro-OLED at 2560 PPI
CPU: Unknown
Field of View(FOV): 40°
Refresh Rate: 40 Hz
Weight: 85g (2.99 oz)
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional


HEADSET Review: While the TeraGlass smart glasses did get a successful Kickstarter going and indeed devices were sent out to everyone the bubble soon started to pop when people got their hands on them. The deceives were rushed, cheap and some of them didn’t even work with no-one getting a refund if they didn’t. In fact, trawling the comments on the Kickstarter page I couldn’t find anyone happy with their device! The company has since folded and a lot of very angry people are left out of pocket.

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