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The American Dream (Oculus Quest)

The American Dream (Oculus Quest)

Price TBA
System:Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2
Comfort Rating:Green (No Movement)
Genre:Range Shooter
Input:Touch controllers
Playing Positions:Sitting
Age Rating:PG

Description: It’s the 1950’s and a group of leading gun manufacturers have constructed a vast complex to guide the American Patriot towards a better and richer life. With the talking dog Buddy Washington as your guide, you’ll get to experience what it’s like to live all aspects of your life with guns.

Review: The American Dream is one of the weirdest shooters you will find on the Quest. To put it simply it is a mocking of America and their right to bear arms. It’s like a Fallout style shooting range only without the great-looking graphics. Gameplay-wise it is at least a good laugh and I do have to give it credit for that. Sure, you will be bored of this really quickly, but for those who just love shooting things, you might find this more fun than I did. Even on the PC this wasn’t exactly pushing the graphical limits, to its perfectly suited to the Quest. But there really isn’t anything new here, just the same classic game only on the Quest!

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