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The Solus Project (PSVR)

The Solus Project (PSVR)

System: PSVR
Price at Time Of Review: £15.99
Comfort Rating: Yellow
Genre: Adventure
Size: 3.94 GB
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: No,
Age Rating: 15+
VR Shop Score 1/100: 70

Description: Humanity is on the verge of extinction. You are the last hope, tasked with finding a safe haven for a colony. But now you are stranded on a deserted alien planet and every other member of your crew is dead. The fate of humanity rests in your hands: you must survive…

The Solus Project is a first-person survival-exploration adventure set on a mysterious and seemingly uninhabited alien planet. To stay alive you must explore and unlock the mysteries of Gliese-6143-C.

Review: While the adventure aspect is fun, it is the deep gameplay of basic survival needs that really shines. A lot of thought has gone into thinking about how people might one day survive in this sort of alien world. From the crazy weather to the way you often find yourself collecting things to survive, it is all well thought out and scripted.

This is not some one-play game. This is a game you will find yourself committing to, if only just to survive long enough to find out what (or who) fired on your ship in the intro. Download this game for its amazing graphics and seemingly endless exploring opportunities, but keep playing it to prove you are a born survivor. While the VR aspect can be a little nauseating at times, you will soon forget about it and become immersed in a beautiful environment. All of those things make this game worth a download, provided you can handle the nausea of full motion.

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