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The Twilight Zone (Oculus Quest)

The Twilight Zone (Oculus Quest)

£14.99 ($17.99)
System:Oculus Quest 2 Only
Comfort Rating:Yellow (Mild Movement)
Genre:Horror Adventure
Input:Touch controllers
Playing Positions:Sitting, Standing, Room-Scale
Age Rating:15+

Description: We invite you to face your fears in a disturbing and mind-bending series of adventures… all taking place within The Twilight Zone™. This game features elements of stealth, shooting, escape mechanics and eye-popping visuals.

Review: ‘The Twilight Zone’ is a collection of 3 games as such, each one slightly different, but all of them very much horror stories with all the wonderful theming you get with the classic TV show. While it does have to be said that the graphics are not up to much, it is the storytelling, music and voice acting that really carry this game along. There is a little bit of shooting to do (probably the lamest part of the game) and some puzzle solving as you discover what is going on in each section of the game.

While I did like the game (mostly because I loved the classic TV show) I also found it to be a little bit…basic. It seems to be filled with unnecessary things to eke out the gameplay hours. I also wish the stories could be played in the order I wanted to play this as the 2nd story wasn’t the greatest at all. If you like the TV show you will enjoy this game, its as simple as that, but those who haven’t even heard of it might find this game a little too ‘indie’ for its own good.

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