Tomytronic 3D (1983)

“…it was groundbreaking for it’s time of release.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Tomytronic 3D

  1. Thundering Turbo
  2. Sherman Attack
  3. Jungle Fighter
  4. X2 LCD Screens
  5. Shark Attack
  6. Planet Zeon
  7. Skyfighters
  8. 3D Hardware
  9. Sky Attack
  10. Neck Strap

Tomytronic 3D

Most of us here in The VR Shop office can remember playing with these as a child. The Tomytronic 3D was a handheld gaming device made by Takara Tomy Co. While it did feature a strap this was not for head mounting because you were supposed to use it like a pair of gaming binoculars, instead this strap was so you can hang it around your neck. This also gave the gaming HMD the impression that it was nothing more than a space age pair binoculars.

But there was not other use for these headsets other than gaming and it offered a well simulated 3D effect by having two LCD panels that were lit via the see-through panel on the top of the device. This sadly meant you had to stand in the open daylight or directly under a lightbulb. To be fair to it, it was the world’s first dedicated home video 3D hardware and while it wasn’t amazing it was groundbreaking for it’s time of release.


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