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Tower Defender: Hero Wars (Steam VR)

Tower Defender: Hero Wars (Steam VR)

£16.63 ($19.99)
System:Valve Index & Oculus Rift
Comfort Rating:Yellow (Mild Movement)
Genre:Real-time strategy (RTS)
Input:Tracked Motion Controllers
Playing Positions:Sitting, Standing, Room-Scale
Age Rating:PG

Description: All the TD strategists, come and join this battle of wit! Enemy troops have arrived at the gate of your keep that may fall into pieces at any moment. You can smell fear on the ramparts. One wrong move and defeat is nigh. Block and occupy enemy towers while strengthening your own, then you shall have an epic victory!

Tower Defender is a strategy-type tower defense game, developed by an indie game developer SUPLIFE. Your intelligence is put to test in the world of Tower Defender where you need to choose a suitable hero, releasing his battle-changing ability to conquer enemy towers.

Review: ‘Tower Defender: Hero Wars’ is a tower defence game of sorts in which you have to capture enemy bases while protecting your own. The good news is you get magic cards with spells on to help you out (as well as little troops from your castles). Played in a table-top style the main environment looks great with a little village house style to it and sheep constantly walking past the window. In fact, the tabletop looks good as well with a nice 3D effect making them look like little figures.

I personally found the gameplay loop to be a little too boring, a little too samey for its own good. Sure, you get to play as other characters which you unlock with time, but the core gameplay never seems to go anywhere and you will see all there is to see within a few short minutes. I normally like these sorts of games, but I just couldn’t get into this one.If you ask me £16.63 is a bit much without a multiplayer mode, but I do think this game could get much better with a few updates. Just give it some time before trying it, or wait for it to be in a sale.

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