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UR Gear Headset

UR Gear Headset (2001)

UR Gear Headset
Top 10 Key Selling Points: UR Gear Headset

  1. Infra Red beam Head Tracking
  2. Comes With Button Controller
  3. Great For Flight Simulators
  4. Vibration Feedback Cushion
  5. Works With Consoles & PC
  6. Programmable Movement
  7. Built-In Stereo Sound
  8. 6 Axis Head Tracking
  9. Sensitivity Settings
  10. Affordable

It might sound odd, but the UR Gear Headset is a virtual reality control device, not a display device. There is no display at all, that goes through your TV. But this headset has built-in stereo sound and it projects an infra red beam to a tracking device that sits on top of your monitor. What is this for you might ask!? Well, it acts as a head movement tracker. You program the headset according to the commands you want the headset to do. Turn your head slightly left, your view pans left. Tilt your head up slightly, and your view pans up. And so on, and so on.

I know what you are thinking: “Whats the point in that?” Well, it can be useful for playing flight simulators and many VR enthusiasts use it for the head tracking aspect when making their own HMD’s. Calling it a virtual reality device seems a bit of a marketing stretch. It’s more a head mouse.

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