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VIR Glass V1

VIR Glass V1 (2015)

VIR Glass V1

Description: Not a lot of people will know that there is currently 2 version of the VIR Glass. This first one is a very rare find indeed and is most noticeable by the USB ports and the chunk taken out of the top middle part of the headset. The other major difference is this is a full VR headset! No smartphone needed here, just plug in a video source and away you go! Things get a little odd here because the company seems to have had a bit of a falling out.

VIR Glass V1 Specs…


Headset: VIR Glass V1
Manufacturer: DPVR
Launch Price: $300 (£221)
Release Date: August 2015
Headset Type: VR Headset (All-in-one)
Display: Single AMOLED Panel at 1920 X 1080
CPU: Intel i5
GPU: DirectX 3D10, Nvida GT X720 / AMD R9 290 and above
Field of View(FOV):100°
Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
Battery: Unknown
Weight: 512g (18.06 oz)
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional

VIR Glass V1

HEADSET Review: This headset from what we can gather went on to be developed by some other team into the DeePoon VR and the marketing team that made this headset went on to make a mobile VR headset that stuck with the same VIR Glass name. While that is just a guess of what happened it seems the most likely story. Sadly we have no idea if this headset is any good because apart from a few development headsets it seems to have vanished. Probably just another cheap Chinese headset with little to no VR elements is our guess.

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