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Virtual Reality Brings £100m Liverpool Railway Station to Life

Virtual Reality Brings £100m Liverpool Railway Station to Life

Rail passengers, residents, and all interested individuals will soon have the unique opportunity to preview a planned £100 million railway station. This is made possible through the use of accessible virtual reality technology. The Liverpool Baltic Merseyrail station, initially announced in 2022, has been earmarked for completion by 2027, according to metro mayor Steve Rotheram.

The construction of the station could start as early as 2025, with new designs recently unveiled in preparation for a public consultation. This exciting project includes a virtual reality ‘walkthrough,’ a unique opportunity for the public to explore the station’s interiors. Neil Grabham, managing director of Merseyrail, described the project as ‘incredibly complex’ and urged residents to attend the drop-in events to get a firsthand look at the proposed station.

“I would encourage everyone to visit the drop-in events to judge for themselves how the new station will look and work for customers,” he added.

Expanding Connectivity with Merseyrail for All

The new Liverpool Baltic station is a pivotal part of Mr Rotheram’s ‘Merseyrail for All’ initiative, a visionary plan to extend the local rail network to communities currently without access. This ambitious project will utilise battery-powered technology to achieve its goals.

The public engagement period for the station’s development is set to begin on 3 June and will run until 26 July. The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has announced that the drop-in sessions will take place “within weeks.”

Mr Rotheram emphasised that the Liverpool Baltic station is only the first in a series of new stations planned for the region. Future projects include new stations in Daresbury in Halton, Woodchurch in Wirral, and Carr Mill in St Helens.

Virtual Reality Brings £100m Liverpool Railway Station to Life

Debating the Opening Date

There has been some debate regarding the station’s opening date. In January, Tony Killen, rail development advisor for the combined authority, suggested that the station might open in March 2028. However, Mr Rotheram remains confident in his 2027 forecast.

Earlier this year, he stated to the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “Thankfully, staff and officers don’t decide what happens in the Liverpool City Region. It’s the directly elected mayor, and that happens to be me at the moment, and I’ll be the one who decides on that.”

Leveraging VR for Public Engagement

The use of virtual reality in the planning and consultation process represents a groundbreaking approach to public infrastructure projects. By offering a virtual tour of the station, the project aims to enhance public engagement and transparency. This method not only aids in visualising the final outcome but also enables the collection of valuable feedback from the community, ensuring the station meets public needs and expectations.

The Liverpool Baltic Station is set to become a pivotal part of the city’s transport network, connecting previously isolated communities and supporting sustainable rail technology. The combination of advanced technology and active community involvement is not just a milestone in our present, but a promise for a brighter future in the Liverpool City Region.