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Are VR Headsets the New Sex Toy For Those in Lockdown?

Are VR Headsets the New Sex Toy For Those in Lockdown?

Are VR Headsets the New Sex Toy For Those in Lockdown?

The promise of a ‘perfect’ virtual porn experience has been around for a while and some sex-toy companies have even been selling toy and headset bundles for people to enjoy. But a lot of these including the crazy Novint Falcon sex robot (a type of grip-based, haptic sex toy for men) have all been aimed at male users. While 81% of VR porn users are indeed male that leaves 19% who are not. The good news is penis based sex toys are getting more and more popular…

So why has this global lockdown caused more females to seek out VR porn? Well, if you have a high sex drive while you are madly in love you will, of course, want to be with your partner and that just isn’t possible everywhere. So what couples have been doing is using video calling sites in their VR headsets and using sex toys to mimic each other’s moves and wants. This growth in VR usage has been good for the industry as a whole with sales of VR headsets seeing a significant rise.

While it isn’t part of the current global situation there are sex toys out there that make being apart in a lockdown a little more tolerable for those with more passionate needs.  Sex toys like dildoes that grow and bulge in the shape of the penis that is being inserted into a fleshlight of a person who could be thousands of miles away and all this is done via the internet.

OK, so things are not as perfect as we would all like and maybe one day we will get that all-touch haptic suit from the movie ‘Ready Player One’. But until then all that is required is a little imagination and VR sex can be really good for both males and females. I have known from the start of the VR revolution that the adult industry would play a pivotal role in VR’s future, but I never realised just how important it would become for some couples (especially those who live miles apart).

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