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VR is Used to Put Parents Minds at Ease Before Child Surgery

VR is Used to Put Parents Minds at Ease

VR News: When you have to go into surgery to have a birth defect or some other physical defect changes, removed or alters there wasn’t really any way you could know what you might look like after that said surgery was completed. When it comes to children undergoing the same thing the parents can be quite anxious about what their child might look like after such surgery. That is where VR has been used to calm their nerves and help them visualise the results of their child’s surgery. Lara Lewington for BBC Click reports –

My Thoughts: While VR is certainly beneficial here it would have been far better to have used AR technology instead. To see the changes to their children in AR would be much better, but it does have to be said this is a great use of VR technology and not one I have heard of before. I’m all for VR being used in the medical industry and I am always surprised by the ways people come up to use it.

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