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VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 (Mobile VR)

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 (Mobile VR)

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 (Mobile VR)
VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 (Mobile VR)

The VR Shop - Bronze Award
System: Mobile VR
Price at Time Of Review: Free
Comfort Rating: Red
Genre: Ride Simulator
150 MB
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG

Description: New in 2018 a groundbreaking new 3D VR roller coaster ride that interacts with live music. The all-new Alien Music Ride puts you both relaxing and high-speed ride that interacts and visualizes music. The track has fast and slow sections and the blend into the environment makes it feel like taking a wingsuit our for a drive on an alien planet. Musically speaking you are going to love this as you can first pick a genre including Pop, R&B, or Dance en then start your ride aligned with the music. Please note that where the ride mentions 3D in the top corner of the tile the ride will offer a true 3d experience, as where it mentions Video the ride will be streamed through online video which requires an online Internet connection (wifi recommended).

Review: It’s a pretty chill game, and it is exactly what it says it is. A bit boring at times, but is a great way to spend your free time. You can lift up your friends on a chair and move it to pretend they are on a real coaster. Sadly the brightness automatically changes when in a movie even when I turn the brightness down manually on my phone. Very annoying as it burns the eyes since the phone is like 2 inches from your face.

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