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Wands Alliances (Oculus Quest)

Wands Alliances (Oculus Quest)

£14.99 ($17.99)
System:Oculus Quest 2 Only
Comfort Rating:Green (No Movement)
Input:Tracked Motion Controllers
Playing Positions:Standing, Room-Scale
Multi-Player:Yes, upto 3v3
Age Rating:PG

Description: Wands Alliances is a competitive multiplayer shooter game of intense magic duels and combat. Play in teams of 3v3 and master the tactical aspects of teleportation and spell customization to become the most powerful Wielder of them all.

Select your class, choose your spells, and take the fight to the streets. Taste sweet victory by completing your team’s objectives or eliminating the opposing team.

Review: Believe it or not ‘Wands Alliances’ is a sequel of sorts to the much-acclaimed magic throwing game ‘Wands‘ which is a very enjoyable game indeed. The good news is this game is much like it, only a little more mature and evolved giving you a deeper, more energetic gameplay experience. There is no single-player mode here, it is 3 against 3 online or with friends and you basically duel it out Harry Potter style. Each wand can hold two spells, so you can hold up to 4 per game. As you go along you will unlock other characters, more spells, more wants and different classes, so there is plenty of depth here to enjoy.

Sadly even now the lobbies are not exactly brewing over with players and it can take a while to get a good match going. I just wish there were more single-player elements to this, maybe missions, or a league of some kind. If you find the right players you can have a good laugh with this game and there are times I really did lose myself in a battle. But it is all a little too shallow for my liking at moment. But with more arenas, spells and options I could easily see this game becoming something very special.

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