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Forget Rollercoasters! Now Waterslide Come With Virtual Reality!

Forget Rollercoasters! Now Waterslide Come With Virtual Reality!

VR News: Over in Germany’s Therme Erding water park, they have rejuvenated an old water slide into a virtual reality trip featuring hot-air balloons and soaring skyway tracks across various landscapes. Because each rider will travel at a different pace the ride is synced to the riders real-time pace through the water slide creating a very realistic simulation of what they are seeing in VR.

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My thoughts on this story: Maybe its just me, but doesn’t this idea seem a little…dangerous? Its all well and good using VR on a rollercoaster because you are on a track that won’t deviate or go underwater at any point. With a water slide and of course water is involved I can’t help but think of the worse case scenario of someone going under the real world water and panicking. While I am pretty sure its a lot safer than I am imagining, its not something I would like to go on as much as a real coaster with a VR system over the top. But either way, it’s an interesting idea and not one I ever thought would happen.

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