Wave Circles (Steam VR)

Wave Circles (Steam VR)
Wave Circles (Steam VR)

System: Steam VR
Price at Time Of Review: Unkown
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Music and Rhythm
Size: 1 GB
Best Playing Position:Standing
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG
VR Shop Score 1/100: Scored When Released

Description: Wave Circles is a rhythm-based VR experience that promotes creativity by empowering players to drop their own rhythmic flows and design their own beatmaps. Don’t hesitate to create and share your own. Challenge your friends in a virtual rhythmic dance-off or share your moves with anyone in the world.

Review: This is another of those music rhythm games that makes great use of both the VR headset and the controllers and really helps you get into the zone. While it doesn’t have the gameplay of Beat Saber it is more than playable. As always I will update this review once the full game is released, but do check it out on Steam already by clicking the link below.

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