Scientists Can Now Predict Who Is Likely to Suffer from VR Sickness!

VR News: Following on from the post “Could VR Sickness Be a Thing of The Past?” they can now predict if you are going to suffer from it or not! While this doesn’t really help the VR market it does at least offer people who fear getting VR sickness some relief. The Neurophysiologist Dr Weech had this to say “By refining our predictive model, we will be able to rapidly assess an individual’s tolerance for virtual reality and tailor their experience accordingly.” So good news indeed.

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My Thoughts on this Story: While sadly you have to put people into a motion sickness inducing situation to find out if they will indeed suffer from VR sickness it could be something added to VR software in the near future. It sounds like something good just as long as you can turn off the “comfort” levels if you want to as people do often get used to VR sickness over time, just like what I myself have.

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